Handmade Sisal Baskets Garden Staged
Handmade Sisal Basket Natural and Black Flowers
Handmade Sisal Small Basket Red Pattern Rosemary
Handmade Sisal Baskets Bookshelf
Handmade Sisal Basket Grey Small Flowers
Handmade Sisal Baskets Garden Three
Handmade Sisal Small Basket Blue Stripes Flowers
Handmade Sisal Small Basket Dark Red Stripes Rosemary
Handmade Sisal Baskets Bookshelf Grey
Handmade Sisal Small Basket Black Stripes Flowers
Handmade Sisal Small Basket Red Grey Green Rosemary
Handmade Sisal Baskets Garden


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Made from natural materials by female artisans in Kenya 

I always wanted baskets like these and I am so glad that this collaboration worked out: our beautiful sisal baskets where made by the Mulikyondo Weavers, a female artisan initiative in Kenya.

These hand-woven baskets are pretty and versatile - I mix various colours, sizes and patterns and use them as plant pots or storage baskets for my makeup brushes or kitchen utensils for example.

All the items are handmade mostly by mothers and daughters. Basket weaving has become an important way of income for the women as agriculture has been challenged by climate change. The income through the weaving allows the women financial freedom and, hence, less dependency on their husbands and/or extended communities or relatives. Furthermore, meeting for weaving reaffirms their social interactions and strengthens their community. It allows them to discuss the issues they face with other women and offer advice for each other.

Handmade Sisal Baskets Kenyan Weavers Made by Women

Your purchase empowers female artisans and helps to keep this beautiful art alive.

All items are handmade and unique - therefore, slight variations may occur.



D c. 19 cm, H c. 20 cm


Country of Origin: Kenya


Care Instructions

The colour stays longest if you keep the baskets out of direct sunlight. If the baskets get in touch with a bit of water, ensure they dry properly.

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Picture courtesy of Mulikyondo Weaving Community